We Mean Simplicity

About us

We simplify your everyday work life.
That sounds overly-simplified, but it’s much sorted than a long list of enablers we actually provide. With Orgzit, a cloud-powered, easy-to-use work-management product, we add fuel to your everyday work life.

We use the word “Easy” a lot, why not try Orgzit and see if we mean it?

Our mission

We believe that simple workflows combined with latest technologies can make you enjoy every aspect of business and can make any complicated day more enjoyable and more productive. Our mission is to simplify your every single work day, making it more organized for you and your teams.

Our Founders

Pavan Verma

Pavan is the CTO of Orgzit. When not hacking code or awing customers with his tech superpowers, Pavan spends time listening to music and traveling with his 8-year old son and a year old daughter.

Nitin Verma

Nitin is the Co-Founder of Orgzit. He drives Orgzit’s strategic vision including product development and global sales. Nitin is passionate about solving new problems every day. If you have unique requirements, that’s your man!

Thanks for trusting in us