Bichhonna achieved 500% increase in referrals by streamlining order management with Orgzit.

Adopting innovative and advanced technologies has been a true game changer in Bichhonna's growth story.

To effectively generate and deliver every mattress order, active collaboration and smart workflow management between dealers...

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Beth Living

Beth Living chose Orgzit over SAP to manage leads and orders for its 40+ dealers. Orgzit has helped Beth save over $100,000.

With good customer beta feedback, Beth began selling the products. During the year 2014, they took almost a year to onboard another customer.

By the time they had in total 10 dealerships, they realized that all business units were working in silos, and their visibility....

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Spans Envirotech Transformed their Functioning Inside Out, Increased Productivity 2X

The Spans team was eager to digitize, but struggled to find a business management tool that could help them track, analyze, and manage the wide variety of engineering projects they were handling.

With more than 350 active customers across diverse domestic and global geographies, their information management...

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Satkartar Glass Solutions

Satkartar has achieved 2X growth by digitizing their lead, order, and project management with Orgzit.

Satkartar distinguishes themselves from their counterparts in the industry in terms of their innovation-driven, quality product and services.

Through their grueling efforts in R&D, they are known to have developed unique techniques that have sparked modernization...

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