Streamline your dealer network for optimum business growth

Orgzit DMS solution allows you to get your entire dealer/distributor network organized on a single platform which directly enables each dealer to do more business and your team better server your customers with timely & improved services.

Centralized Dealer Management System

By centralizing you customer data across regions and dealers you will be able to actively track and manage dealer performance, standardize processes which would translate into the ability to close more leads and serve your customers better.

Deliver Top-Notch Services

Make customer service central to every business process. Centralization of customer data will enable dealers, sales, support and services teams to deliver best in class services to each customer.

Increased Visibility & Reporting

Get real-time insights into status of all leads, order or service requests right from one screen.

What’s more important than closing deals?

Making them stick! Handle all dealer and customer related communication (queries & complaints) from in Orgzit and provide industry leading technology to your dealers & world-class services to your customers.

Eliminate painful use of multiple applications for managing your customers & dealers

With Orgzit, all apps are tightly integrated and communication with dealers is standardized.

Simplified & On The Go Lead Management

With our cloud-based web and mobile apps, empower your dealers and internal teams to stay connected at all times.

Manage your customer relationships right from first hello to repeat business and broad smiles.

Capture leads from all dealers/regions and related details. Ensure timely action to dealer requests and orders.

Capture, convert and manage your leads

Monitor your leads’ history and drive more conversions by knowing which prospects to follow up, and when to call-in or send a note.

Webforms (Website-Record)

Capture leads from your website and assign leads to dealers directly in Orgzit DMS so that you reduce slippages and loss of business opportunities.

Dealer-specific Lead Categorization

Capture and categorize leads according to dealers, check which dealer is getting most leads, and double down your budget on that dealer’s region.

Lead Scoring

Data driven rule based lead prioritization (Hot, Warm, Cold), know which dealers’ which leads to pursue at what time.

Role-based Access Controls

Give controlled access to your dealers and team members (manager, edit, view) and leverage user groups’ features to ensure only those who need, have access to that data.

Tasks, Comments, Files & History

Schedule and manage appointments with customers and prospects; assign tasks to your team, collect quick notes, and keep files exchanged in one place.

Auto Assign Leads To Team Members

Setup workflows to assign leads automatically to a sales reps operating from different locations nationally and internationally.

Quotation & Order Management

Streamline your quotation & order processing by eliminating manual bottlenecks, preventing errors and establishing a smooth flow from sales quote to order fulfillment ensuring timely invoicing and payment.

Generate Quotations

Empower dealers to generate professional quotations right from within the Orgzit Dealer Management system.

Maintain Digital Product Catalogs

Enable your teams to sell more on the go by having centralized digital product catalog for all your product lines.

Seamlessly Covert Leads to Orders

With just a couple of clicks convert won leads into orders and enable smooth handover of won leads to delivery teams.

Product Inventory

Keep track of product inventory, enable dealers & sales people to see product inventory before committing on delivery schedule.

Generate Purchase Orders

Maintain optimal inventory and generate POs right from within Orgzit Dealer Management System for products and raw materials.

Manage Dealer Inventory Levels

Manage & Optimize product Inventory for your dealers and link to Order Management System.

Manage Production Sequence

Know which order to prioritize based on dealer requests and feedback. You’ll never have unhappy customers due to delays in order processing.

Seamless Sales, Service & Support Across Channels.

Capturing leads is one thing, closing a deal is another. Let Orgzit transform your sales pipeline into a smart engine helping you organize and close deals faster. Promote accountability and transparency in your team with Orgzit.

Stay updated at all times

Even as your meeting is on, add notes and set follow-up tasks. Quickly schedule your next appointment too—all from the app.

Emails & Bulk emails

Cater to client email queries directly from the record and track the status of his ticket from ‘Open’ to Close’.

Push Yourself with Push Notifications

Get mobile notifications anytime a new lead, deal or task is assigned to you. Also, get reminders about upcoming meetings.

Phone Support

Integrate Orgzit with your favorite telephony service for a fully functional call center software, record and track query and complaint calls.

Setup Follow Up Tasks

Set reminders and follow-up tasks for sales reps around important events, like when a customer needs to be sent the invoice for the month.

SMSs & Bulk SMSs

Want complete customer satisfaction? Update client through different stages of his query/complaint through SMS. You can also bulk SMS your clients and wish them on festivals & other occasions.

Schedule & Manage Meetings

Schedule a meeting on click of a button, track meeting minutes & all client interactions and let the whole team know about your meeting with a quick message.

Linked Tickets

Create and link support tickets to orders with the need for any duplication of data or complicated data syncs.

Get Real-time & Actionable Insights Into Key Business Metrics

100 cold calls everyday, how many did convert? Your dealers work hard to generate new leads, but are you analyzing if the process they followed is the best out there? Drill down into hard sales numbers, and monitor the dealer performances with reports that push you & your team to follow industry best sales practices.

Personalized & Clickable Dashboard Widgets

Create custom widgets for sales dashboard. Choose from a variety of tables, charts, bar graphs to create reports and absorb information quickly for the day.

Drag & Drop Leads To Change Status

Move deals from ‘Prospecting’ to ‘Won’ with just a simple drag and drop. Just the way you organize your closet.

Visual Sales Pipeline Report

Track which stage are you deals progressing in a single glance with Deal Reports. Sort and Filter them for an enhanced view of the pipeline.

Actionable Follow-Ups & Reminders

Setup workflows for custom reminders (emails, SMSs) to prospects directly from the sales dashboard & save time and money.

Deal Value & Status Reporting

Create reports like ‘How many deals have been won, lost or missed?’, ‘What is the value of these deals?’, and then annotate & share with your seniors quickly from the same window.

Trending Reports

Understand your business processes better by evaluating sales activities over a timeline i.e. weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly periods.

Sales Forecasting

Run real-time sales reports to accurately forecast performance and align sales strategy based on real-time sales metrics.

Close Deals From Anywhere, With Orgzit Mobile App

Wherever you go, take work with you! Use Orgzit mobile app for closing deals anywhere, anytime. View and share reports from Orgzit app itself, and get 360° context, move leads across stages, fix meetings, and share notes with them.

Custom Reports & Dashboards

Create custom reports to manage the leads, sales figures and sales reps. Take data-driven decisions from the granular insights you get from these reports.

Sales Activities Reports

Evaluate and reward your sales reps based on the deals closed, emails sent, appointments scheduled and tasks completed.

Manage Sales ROI

Track revenues as well as expenses. Enable your dealers to track their own expenses via Orgzit app and manage their own ROIs.

Get more out of your dealer network.

Set sales targets, manage dealer specific promotional schemes, manage expenses and reimbursements and personalized dashboards to provide real-time feedback to sale team.

Set Sales Targets

Create and manage sales targets for each of your sales reps from a centralized dashboard and track their performance in real-time.

Dealer Appraisals

Create reports based on time taken to close deals. Optimize your sales process and improve your reps’ performance.

Make Dealers Your Brand Ambassadors

Track dealer level branding and sales efforts and ensure total alignment with your marketing and sales strategies.

Personalized Dashboards

Provide real-time analytics through personalized dashboards for each dealer to align and enable them to deliver to their potential.

Dealer Specific Promotional Offers

Run dealer specific promotional schemes and align your marketing activities to ensure maximum ROIs.

Companywide knowledge base

Maintain centralized knowledge repository to ensure access to resources and optimize onboarding of new staff.

Customization & 3rd Party Integration made easy, Orgzit API Rocks!

Save money and 2x your business revenue by integrating Orgzit with other business tools. Orgzit helps you sync data from your favorite apps, so you get the best of every tool under one roof.

Do you have unique process?

If you need a powerful yet highly configurable dealer management system, Orgzit has all the tools to make a glove fitting solution for your team.

Web Hooks For The Win

Seamlessly integrate with 3rd party applications by sending instant web notifications every time an event takes place in Orgzit.

Triple Your Team Productivity With Orgzit Workflows

Quit wasting time on back office grunt activities. Create workflow automations that work with sharp precision and find time to work on items that make a difference in your organization.

Slack it Away

Integrate Orgzit with your company’s slack account to get lead status updates, conversations, and setup a process for anything else you like.

Google Map

Find Your Dealers and Customers – wherever they are. See your team and customers on a map.

Onsite Deployment

Are you a data-driven community of users? Have security concerns? Host Orgzit on dedicated private cloud servers & enjoy complete privacy. Don’t trust the cloud enough? Call us and we will enter into an on-premise deployment contract.

Why Our Customers Love Us

You Have a Partner In Us

We love when our customers succeed with Orgzit. We act as an extension to your team and help better organize information to make your lives simpler, streamlined & more productive.