Invoicing Software

Create customized professional invoices and actively track open invoices to get paid faster.

Invoicing Software

What is Invoicing Software?

Invoicing process involves creating your business’ invoices, notifying customers about their invoices and subsequently tracking accounts receivables until the invoice is paid.

Good invoicing software empowers your company’s sales and accounts people to quickly create accurate invoices, automate reminders to customers and actively track open invoices to enable payment collection.

Orgzit’s invoicing software is built for small and medium businesses to help you become more efficient at generating more invoices, and collecting payments faster.

With Orgzit, you can create beautiful & professional PDF invoices in a matter of minutes. Further, Orgzit automates invoice notifications and reminders helping you to speed up collections.

Create professional branded invoices and automatically share with customers.

Automate payment follow ups to reduce collection time.

Improve sales and accounts teams’ productivity so that they can focus on closing deals and serving customers.

Simplify your business invoicing and payments tracking

Create, Approve and Track Invoicing with the Simplest Invoicing Software

dealer management
Create Invoices
Create Invoices in less than a minute

Stop creating invoices in Word/Excel and wasting hours to consolidate, analyze and follow up. Automate invoice creation to maximum extent possible

Customer Orders Information
Integrate with Customer Orders Information

Orgzit invoicing can pull in information from your customer orders / projects so that the invoice is accurate with the sales or operations data. Plus, it saves your team time by avoiding to copy/paste information across different systems.

Professional Quotes
Reduce Invoice Errors

Cut invoicing errors by automating invoice creation.

Quotation Time
Create Professional Invoices

Create customized professional quotations that promote your brand everytime you collect payments.

Track Quotes
Actively Track Invoices to Get Paid Faster

Automated reminders and reports help you stay on top of every open invoice so that you don’t suffer delays in getting paid.

Tax and Discount
Automate Tax Computations

Save time and reduce errors by automating tax computations.

Real-Time Inventory
Integrate with Product Catalog

Orgzit invoices connect with your product catalog so that you always use the accurate pricing information in invoices. Have a multi-level nested product catalog? We’ve got you covered!

Save Time Following up for Payments

Orgzit automates notifying and reminding customers about invoices so that you can focus on selling and closing deals.

customer lifecycle
Manage the entire customer lifecycle

Looking to manage the entire customer lifecycle, and not just invoicing? Our comprehensive CRM has you covered by tracking the complete customer journey from lead to quotation to order to invoice to customer support.

Fully Customizable
Invoice for Products and Services

Invoice for either products and services with the same ease-of-use. Want to include products and services in the same invoice? Not a problem!

Dynamic Pricing
Dynamic Pricing

Implement dynamic pricing models for different customer segments, regions, and more.

Maintain Data Privacy
Maintain Data Privacy

Maintain privacy of your invoices by giving access to only people who need to know. Easily setup the access controls in accordance with your company’s rules and policies.

Work Smarter, Get Paid Faster

By creating professional Invoices

Create Invoices Faster

Generate and send professional invoices quickly to make a good impression on your customers and get paid faster

Create Invoices Faster
Workflow automation

Workflow automation

Automate repetitive tasks, from invoicing workflows to payment follow ups. Sit back while Orgzit’s invoicing software takes care of them automatically

Set up approval processes

Ensure incorrect invoices are never sent to your customers. Enforce systematic checks before they reach your clients. Allow anyone to create an invoice but only approved members to approve and share invoice with your customers.

approval processes
Brand your invoices

Brand your invoices and annexures

Choose from a variety of beautiful templates or build something of your own. Orgzit invoicing software lets your create your invoices to fit your brand image

Create multi-currency invoices

Send invoices to your customers in their local currency, make forex adjustments and easily track the revalued balances.

multi-currency invoices
Streamlined Collaboration

Streamlined Collaboration

Print, e-mail or WhatsApp invoices with ease. Communicate with your clients in real-time. Close deals, discuss rates and negotiate terms and conditions all in from a single screen.

Finance Reporting

Track and manage your revenues and accounts receivables right from the invoicing software

Finance Reporting
Automated Reminders

Automated Reminders

Never miss any invoice followup or overdue invoice unattended with the help of automated reminders

Generate Invoices From Anywhere, Anytime

Mobile apps for Android & iOS for sales teams to generate and manage invoice based on real-time prices and inventory.

Generate Invoices
Integrate with CRM

Integrate with CRM, Project Management and other apps

Easily convert quotes to invoices or push your sales data into accounting or other software tools

Orgzit helped us streamline critical business information and within a short period made our leads-to-cash processes more organized leading to collaboration efficient.
Abhimanyu Sharma General Manager, KiPro Technologies
kipro Tech
kipro Tech

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