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Flexible contact management

Create multiple contacts, customize your lists, manage addresses effectively, interact with teams, and maintain lead contacts at different levels. Train your salesmen and field agents to maintain personal contact lists, use contact lists shared across the team, or go for the hybrid approach.Manage and control all contacts @ centralized location so as to access them conveniently – anytime and from anywhere.

Capture, convert and manage your leads

Use easily customizable apps to tag your leads to the contact database. Monitor your leads’ history and drive more conversions by knowing which prospects to follow up, and when to call-in or send a note. Create customizable lead reports to prioritize, track and run your leads from a centralized location. Set filters, organize your marketing campaigns, and track the activities of your field agents effectively. In just a few steps, you can set up, control and close deals on the go!

Manage your day effectively
Get things done!

Tired of remembering the things to do or things to act upon? The "My Tasks" section tells you exactly what you need to get done today. See what matters and schedule your day with efficacy. Get your life in order by taking control of time and important deadlines. By being relaxed, focused and productive, you will never have to worry about missed deadlines or lost leads!

Keep key documents handy in a central repository

Create and review your documents with your team. Help your salesmen close deals quickly by allowing multiple user access to key documents like competitive analysis, product/service specifications, order catalogues, inventory figures, legal docs, etc. You can also attach relevant files to each lead to know and retrieve what has been shared with the client – all from a single location.

Sales pipeline analysis for intelligent insights and improvements

Enlist and define the stages in a visual sales pipeline. Get more organized and close your deals in less time. Use customized data filters and reports to know which deals require concentration, the revenues leads in each stage, the prospects that have a greater conversion rate, and the contacts that require follow-ups. Make your sales results shoot up with accurate reports and actionable information. Nearly everything is customizable!

Customizable CRM

Make your CRM a competitive weapon by designing it to fit your specific business. Shift your teams into high gear by using workflows for customizing sales processes. Customize fields, reports, and workflows in 100% code-free ways. The possibilities are never-ending!

Revenue projections and analytics

Compare, budget and forecast by combining different CRM scenarios. Visualize future revenue projections and trends. Generate revenue projections for your entire team or a single individual, and by – timeframe, product, territory etc.

Manage projects and assign work order tasks after winning deals

Once a deal is won, manage work orders within Orgzit and pass them on to operations. Track work orders and project progress even when you are on-the-go. From scheduling to dispatch, invoicing, contracts, time-sheets and more, handle your CRM tasks and business with flair.

Improve operational efficiencies with sales performance management

Manage the performance of your sales force to make your sales performance graphs soar. Analyze sale margin contributions and assess the turnover of your products and services. Keep track of the best and worst performers in your sales team. Take timely measures with incentive compensation plans, smarter administration of quotas and sales territories, and integrated sales-related activities.

Get more secure authorization with role based views

Define role-based views to customize the way in which records are visible to administrators, employees, reviewers and specific team members. Provide complete, partial or selective user access or permissions to exercise better control over your CRM reports and databases. Create firewalls between field agents working on the same app. Keep a check on the information that is to be visible or restricted between different CRM teams.

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