Field Force — Assign. Manage. Monitor.

Ensure effective job planning and scheduling

Keep track of job plans and field force from a singular interface. Assign jobs to individual field persons. Help your field workforce access all relevant job data on the go. Achieve higher operational efficiency by automatically pushing jobs to mobiles for inviting timely actions. Set up job schedules for your field force, plan out the actions that have to be taken at a specific time or in their order of priority, and get timely results.

Coordinate with your field force via accurate time sheet management processes

Build time sheets that are easy and simple for employees to use. Record the time spent on any specific job. Easily capture the detailed timesheets, whether on the road or in office. Check-in when a job starts and check-out when it ends. Put in place custom processes for approving time sheets. Track and manage the schedules of your field force from a centralized location.

Optimize your potential by booking orders on the go

Empower your field force to book orders on their phone and dispatch them to your organization’s backoffice for further processing, immediately. Gain the efficiency and speed of instant order booking and confirmation. Say ‘no’ to time-consuming faxes and emails, without compromising on the reliability of bookings. Apply an easy to use and consistent interface to confirm, manage, review, modify or cancel order bookings – all with just a few clicks.

Expenses and reimbursements management made easy

Raise reimbursement requests for incurred expenses without the need to visit office or sending couriers or emails. Help each field person record expenses on the go, and as soon as they arise. Get instant notifications when reimbursements are processed. Integrate convenient workflows for effective management of field expense reimbursements. Gain transparency while reporting accountable expense claims, overtime billing, unwanted expenses and approved reimbursements.

Field force performance management for tracking productivity

Identify and report the best and worst performers. Raise the performance bar for your field force by providing feedback and effective control measures in time. Drive overall cost, safety, quality, and morale via field force effectiveness. Improve workforce performance with accurate measurements and proactive reviews and processes.

Collaborate with team members on job cards

Avail the benefits of a well-organized job card management interface to record all job-specific information on a single platform. Introduce attributes like client name, client address, nature of job, materials used, fee estimate, fee collected, etc. for easy tracking and monitoring of job cards. Get on top of all field force job functions (e.g. check material availability) to streamline your business processes effectively.

Access all data on the go

Connecting the field force to your customers and business is very critical for quick resolutions of service calls .Empower you field staff by ensuring they have access to all data while they are on the move. Receive updates about new jobs directly on your phone. Stay in touch with your office via real-time collaboration on your mobile device. Delight your clients with improved customer services by providing timely and high quality services powered with the help of mobile apps.

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