Project Management — Plan, Track, Collaborate!

List out tangible and intangible deliverables

Structure and enlist project deliverables and tasks as per your company’s needs. Orgzit creates customizable platforms for large or small projects; defines as many tasks, apps , jobs and roles as you wish; helps with structured, easy-to-find information; links you with the pertinent deliverables of any project, etc. Assign key deliverables as per their priority in project completion. Track and assess project trends. Control and manage all project management tasks from a single, central location to meet specific project deliverables.

Task planning and scheduling – get work done in time, every time!

List tasks for each deliverable and organize tasks for your team. Add due dates, sub-tasks and estimates to tasks for enabling their timely completion. Eliminate time-consuming file sharing and cumbersome email threads to meet deadlines in time. Communicate effectively, never miss important deadlines, and view comprehensive but fully customizable reports on project progress.

Seamless file sharing – take quick decisions with effective collaboration

Enable swift and convenient file sharing for more efficient processes and faster execution. Keep track of all important documents and project files, just the way you want. For small projects, store all files in a single place using a flat structure. Or, adopt an organized hierarchical structure for the files in larger projects so that they can be shared and stored in relation to deliverables or tasks. Keep an eye on your files – all at a single glance!

Visualize project status, monitor progress reports

Know how your project is going; get instant insights into every minute aspect of your project by using customizable reports. Use real-time reports to become super-efficient in resource planning, and for steering your projects to completion within scope, budget, and on time.

Enjoy integrated features for time tracking

Track the log time spent on each task or deliverable. Make accurate notes on recorded time to know the logged in time for each project. Get an overview of the number of hours worked, milestones, etc. in the easiest of ways.

Easy task management for everyone

Remove the complexity of task management. Put yourself in control with a platform that works for individual contributors, project managers, and everyone else. Powerful filtering options of task lists assures prompt identification of the tasks assigned to specific team members. "Project Tasks" showcases all the open tasks on a specific project. Assign and manage sub-tasks for every project deliverable – easily and conveniently.

Change history – the audit trail advantage

Know by whom, when and to what extent, a piece of information was changed. Use audit logs to gain access to the chronological records of your data. Document how a procedure, event or operation was altered or affected. Download all data pertaining to an audit trail by having proper user access. Ensure higher levels of transparency and accountability, keep a track of operational deficiencies, enable data symmetry, assess employee performance and efficiency by checking on historical reviews, and more – Orgzit’s project audit history will take care of it all.

Create your own project templates

Develop project templates that you can easily copy to use on new projects. Bring teams together with customized templates and established project structures. Get things done and improve work collaboration with pre-defined or tailor-made methods and checklists. Get started with new or complex projects – quickly and easily.

Get structured and smarter approval workflows

Orgzit’s customizable approval workflows and scalable work management solutions are better managed with automated system generated emails. Be it for simple or complicated projects; enjoy smooth workflows while collaborating with team members. Save time by triggering off emails once a particular task, review or process workflow is completed and approved. Assign, manage and coordinate workflows in a manner that is liked by employees and project managers alike. Improve delivery time, relationships, and work performances by making quick adjustments to your workspaces and admin capabilities.

All project data accessible in one place

House your project data and information in a centralized place. Know where to look for important details. With quick access to project data, you can add priority, deliverables, tasks, deadlines, cost, log times, reports, graphs, analytics and a lot more to your projects. Create relationships between project records; set filters on chosen fields; generate sharable reports, etc. – all from a single location.

Collaborate with clients – Build commitment and trust

Provide clients with direct access to your projects’ client-visible information. Keep them informed about project status and different stages of deliverables. Avoid having to send periodic project status reports. Improve operations efficiency with pertinent communication to create value for clients.

Role based access for smoother workflows and coordination

Orgzit helps clients, administrators, project managers and team members access project data and records via role bases views. Set up firewalls to restrict system access to authorized users. Allow individuals to gain “user-based” access to reports, reviews, appraisals and other project related information; selectively.

You Have a Partner In Us

We love when our customers succeed with Orgzit. We act as an extension to your team and help better organize information to make your lives simpler, streamlined & more productive.