Orgzit is the best way to manage data and automate processes.


Manage any project or business process with Orgzit. So that you never miss a lead, order, customer or deadline.


What Is Orgzit?

A platform for creating custom software solutions for everyday business challenges.

Teams use Orgzit to manage data and automate their work, their way.


How We Help?

Let industry experts help you evaluate the right options and customizations based on your business requirements.

Orgzit allows you to iterate with ease – no coding required!


How It Works?

Save time and cost by rapidly building your own custom apps without coding.

Quickly create software using building blocks to Organize, Collaborate, Analyse and Automate.

Before Orgzit

Before Orgzit
  • cross You end up wasting time searching in email archives
  • cross You cannot effectively analyze all your scattered data
  • cross You waste time on manual, mundane and repetitive tasks
  • cross You're constantly jumping between multiple spreadsheets or software
  • cross It is hard for you to keep a tab on day to day tasks
  • The list goes on and on...

After Orgzit

Before Orgzit
  • tick Leads, Order, Support Tickets and other information is all in one place
  • tick Gain real-time reports for visibility into revenue projections, projects and more
  • tick Save time by automating manual and time consuming tasks
  • tick Share and collaborate effortlessly
  • tick Make it work, just the way you like!

Businesses work faster and better with Orgzit

Best Tool for Collaboration

Centralize Your Information

Connect different sources and access your data from one central place

Best Tool for Collaboration

Increase Operational Efficiency

Get more done with less efforts and financial resources

Best Tool for Collaboration

Close More Deals

One platform to sell deliver and support customers

Best Tool for Collaboration

End Multi-Tool Struggle

Elliminate dependence on multiple software and redundant solutions

Best Tool for Collaboration

Free up IT Resources

Democratize software development and empower every team member

Best Tool for Collaboration

Keep Teams In Sync

Stay updated at all times by keeping everyone on the same page

Organize Anything, With Anyone, From Anywhere.

Our web and mobile apps make it easy to organize all your information and collaborate in real time – changes are insteadly sync across everyone's devices.
Orgzit Organize Data Types
Orgzit Organize Access Control
Orgzit Organize Filtering
Orgzit Organize Search
Orgzit Organize Views
Orgzit Organize Views
Orgzit Organize Views
  • Multiple data types for tracking all your information
  • Role based granular access control
  • Filter data to quickly sift through your information
  • Global and contextual search for all your data
  • Choose the right view for your information
  • Kanban, Tabular
  • Map

Collaborate Efficiently With All Data & Worflows In One Easy-To-Use App

Collaborate within a centralized place with employees, clients, vendors and consultants.
  • Schedule work and assign tasks
  • Real-time communication and notifications
  • Centralized place for single click file sharing
  • In-built Connect with Email & SMS
  • Monitor change history for complete control
Orgzit Collaborate Tasks
Orgzit Collaborate Communicate
Orgzit Collaborate File Sharing
Orgzit Collaborate Email n Sms
Orgzit Collaborate History

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Powerful Data Analytics For Real-Time & Actionable Insights

Advanced reports and customizable dashboards for sales, projects, people and literally anything else you want to monitor.
Orgzit Powerful visualization
Orgzit Analyze Reports
Orgzit Dashboard
Orgzit Self Service Reporting Enging
  • Powerful visualization using bar, pie, line and other charts
  • Interactive reporting for richer insights
  • Role & department specific persoanlized dashboards
  • Easy-to-use self service reporting engine

Process & Workflow Automation

Create workflow automations to eliminate time consuming, error prone, manual tasks.
  • Automate notifications – push email & SMS
  • Automate PDF document creation and delivery
  • Personalized reminders with smart rules
  • Report subscription – keep the right people updated on a regular basis
  • Define your own workflows
Orgzit Automate Notification
Orgzit Automate Document
Orgzit Automate Reminders
Orgzit Automate Report Subscription
Orgzit Automate Workflows

Orgzit Is Instantly Available On Your Phone

Our native mobile apps make it easy to share, collaborate and analyze things in real-time, even when on the move
Orgzit Mobile Add Task
Orgzit Mobile Notification
Orgzit Mobile Utilize Your Data
Orgzit Mobile Security
Orgzit Mobile Custom experiences
  • Add, edit, search, share data and also view reports
  • Push Notifications – Stay informed with real-time updates
  • Utilize your rich data – pictures, videos, geo-loations
  • Securely access your information from wherever your works take you
  • Custom mobile experiences tailored to your specific needs

Customer Success Stories


3 Reasons why mid-sized IT services leader TFT chose Orgzit over leading CRMs Salesforce, Hubspot, Freshsales, and Pipedrive

Leading provider of outsourced software development, QA & Testing services, Think Future Technologies evaluated several leading CRMs for over a year...

Beth Living

Beth Living chose Orgzit over SAP to manage leads and orders for its 40+ dealers, saving over $100,000/year

Orgzit helped furniture manufacturer Beth centralize & standardize their dealer network operations spanning the entire customer lifecycle from the first...

Brands That Trust Orgzit

Business Leaders Rely on Orgzit to Run Their Business

Business owners trust Orgzit to manage core business processes to run their business faster in the digital era.

George Thomas, CEO

Beth Lifestyles, Furniture Manufacturer

Orgzit has helped us streamline our sales leads scattered across our dealer network quickly & helped us drive higher enquiry to closure ratios. We recommend Orgzit strongly.

Beth Lifestyles, Furniture Manufacturer

Rajesh Jain, Managing Director

Enhanced Wapp Systems Pvt. Ltd., Water Utility Company

Orgzit has been a game changer for us in managing our project wise expenses and profitability. All our users love the app and its simplicity. The RoI is terrific. Recommended.

Enhanced Wapp Systems Pvt. Ltd., Water Utility Company

Nitin Kumar, VP Business Development

Inficold India Pvt. Ltd., Thermal Storage & Refrigeration Manufacturing.

Our operations data was scattered across Excel/Word files. Orgzit enabled us to collaborate better. We save time and money.

Inficold India Pvt. Ltd., Thermal Storage & Refrigeration Manufacturing.

Deepak Darda, Country Head

IBI Group India, Global technology driven consulting firm

Orgzit helped us quickly deploy project specific workflow management solutions for our transportation infrastructure projects. If you're an enterprise with limited IT resources, check it out, you'll be happy you did.

IBI Group India, Global technology driven consulting firm

Vijay Gupta, MD

Think Future Technologies, IT Services

The flexibility and simplicity of Orgzit has worked well for us. I can get all the reports to analyze our sales activity and pipeline. My team is comfortable using the tool and was able to easily switch from Google Spreadsheets to Orgzit.

Think Future Technologies, IT Services

Mishu Ahluwalia, Founder & CEO

GoHive - CoWorking

We are a startup ourselves. Orgzit enables us to streamline all business operations without expensive enterprise software and expensive IT team. Call me Orgzit enthusiast.

GoHive - CoWorking

Kumar Varma, Founder

Super Surfaces India Pvt. Ltd., Luxury Surface Finishes Company

We use Orgzit CRM for lead management & invoicing. I was amazed to see its flexibility and onboarding speed.

Super Surfaces India Pvt. Ltd., Luxury Surface Finishes Company

Name Withheld

Merchant Support Team at Fortune 50 e-Commerce Company

Orgzit helps us quickly deploy ad-hoc workflow solutions for our business teams and saves us both time and cost on creating and maintaining separate software.

Merchant Support Team at Fortune 50 e-Commerce Company

Abhimanyu Sharma

Kipro Technologies

Orgzit helped us streamline critical business information and within a short period made our internal processes more organized leading to collaboration efficient.

Kipro Technologies

Arvind Jha

Pariksha Labs

Great simple, lightweight platform for rapid application development.

Pariksha Labs

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