Project Management Made Easy

Working with other people? Struggling to keep everyone on the same page? Orgzit Projects enables cross-functional teams (your employees, clients or vendors) to collaborate, organize and discuss everything they need to get a project done. See it, track it, discuss it, act on it. Tasks, discussions, milestones, and files - Keep all your work in one place!

All Project Information in One Place – Contacts, Emails, Documents and more.

Gone are the days of to-do lists in spreadsheets and endless email threads. Orgzit Projects helps you maintain a centralized database of all your projects, all documents and related information.

Real-Time Communication

Tired of scrolling through never ending email threads or WhatApp chats? Collaborate in real-time through Orgzit's built-in commenting system. Use the @mention feature to notify the mentioned users via email and app notifications.

Plan Projects With Ease

Milestones, task lists, and tasks help you organize complex projects into easily manageable units. Get more refined control with subtasks, recurring tasks, and dependencies.

Employee Workload Management

Empower team members to estimate and track how much time they spend working on a particular task and to generate reports based on that information. Time logged can be marked as “billable” or “non-billable” and time log reports can be easily shared with clients.

Your Team, Clients & Vendor on a Single Platform

Orgzit Projects enables your employees, clients, vendors, or consultants, from near or far to work together to get the projects done.

Reporting & Dashboard

Make decisions based on facts not gut-feeling. Get instant insights into what’s going on with your projects with customizable reports & personalized dashboards.

Manage Projects Exactly In Your Own Way!

For the project management user, Orgzit Projects has everything you need to track a project from start to finish. The flexibility, combined with the intuitive features mean your team will not only become better collaborators but they will significantly increase their productivity with every passing day.

Projects Classification

Classify your projects based on type, importance or any other way you see fit.

Projects Timelines

Track project, milestone, or tasks start & due dates to make sure you stay on top of your work.

Project Planning

Milestones, task lists and tasks help you break down complex projects into easily manageable units. Get more refined control with subtasks, and dependencies.

Create Own Project Templates

Develop project templates that you can easily copy to use on new projects. Bring teams together with customized templates and established project structures. Get things done and improve work collaboration with pre-defined or tailor-made methods and checklists. Get started with new or complex projects – quickly and easily.

Team Member Roles

Everyone has a specific list of job responsibilities. Create roles as per your organization structure to ensure proper access and approval workflows.

Approval Workflow Management

Work less and get more done with intelligent workflows. Create workflow automations so you can find more time for activities that actually need your attention.

Collaborate Seamlessly with your Team, Clients and Vendors

Orgzit Projects enables your team, clients or vendors to collaborate, organize and discuss everything needed to get a project done.

Task Lists

Divide your project into multiple tasks lists/ work items. This is a way of organizing your tasks into groups according to the criteria that matters to you (eg. Deliverables, Type etc).

Role-based Access Controls

Give controlled access to your dealers and team members (manager, edit, view) & leverage user groups’ to ensure only those who need, have access to that data.

Assign & Schedule Tasks

List tasks for each deliverable and organize tasks for your team. Add due dates, sub-tasks and estimates to tasks for enabling their timely completion.

Auto Assign Leads To Team Members

Setup workflows to assign leads automatically to a sales reps operating from different locations nationally and internationally.

Document Management

Share files with your team whenever you want. Anyone who’s working on a project has access to the same set of files so no one has to ask anyone else where anything is.

Push Yourself with Push Notifications

Get mobile notifications anytime a new lead, deal or task is assigned to you. Also, get reminders about upcoming meetings.

Meeting Minutes

Document and Track meeting minutes. Never walk into a meeting without knowing what was discussed in the last meeting or what progress has been made since!

Emails & Bulk emails

Cater to client email queries directly from the record and track the status of his ticket from ‘Open’ to Close’.

Change History – The Audit Trail Advantage

Know by whom, when and to what extent, a piece of information was changed. Use audit logs to gain access to the chronological records of your data.

Get Real-time & Actionable Insights Into Key Project Metrics

Get instant insights into how your projects are going. See what’s due soon or already overdue. Check what’s on someone’s plate or what they’ve been up to recently. Better measurements combined with deep insight allow for more efficient use for your team's resources.

Visualize Project Status

Know how your project is going; get instant insights into every minute aspect of your project by using customizable reports.

Companywide knowledge base

Maintain centralized knowledge repository to ensure access to resources and optimize onboarding of new staff.

Monitor Progress Reports

Use real-time reports to become super-efficient in resource planning, and for steering your projects to completion within scope, budget, and on time.

Time Tracking

Track the log time spent on each task or deliverable. Make accurate notes on recorded time to know the logged in time for each project. Get an overview of the number of hours worked, milestones, etc. in the easiest of ways.

Project Reports

Get instant insights into what’s going on with your projects. See what’s due soon or already overdue. Check what’s on someone’s plate or what they’ve been up to recently. Better measurements combined with deep insight allow for more efficient use for your team's resources.

Issue Tracking System

Log issues and track them as they get fixed and tested. Define custom workflows and business rules.

Project Profitability

Orgzit Projects is not just a task management solution, it will truly take care of all project related tasks.

Generate Quotations & Invoices

Compile quotes & invoices and send them as beautiful PDFs in just a few clicks.

Project P&L

Track project specific revenue and expenses of all types to understand project level P&L and get adaptable insights.

Get Visual Overview of Sales Funnel

Track quotations and know which projects are at what stage in the pipeline.

Employee Performance Tracking & Reporting

Run employee performance reports to optimize resource allocation and profitability on projects.

Invoice Billable Time & Other Expenses

Quickly and easily create invoices using team’s billable time logs and also add any expenses accrued on the project.

Custom Report Template Builder

Use Orgzit’s custom report builder to generate custom report templates for your clients (eg. Bill of Quantities, Area Measurements etc).

Customization and 3rd Party Integration made easy, Orgzit API Rocks!

Save money and 2x your business revenue by integrating Orgzit with other business tools. Orgzit helps you sync data from your favorite apps, so you get the best of every tool under one roof.

Do you have unique project operations?

If you need a powerful yet highly configurable project/operations management, Orgzit has all the tools to make a glove fitting solution for your team.

Web Hooks For The Win

Seamlessly integrate with 3rd party applications by sending instant web notifications every time an event takes place in Orgzit.

Triple Your Team Productivity With Orgzit Workflows

Quit wasting time on back office grunt activities. Create workflow automations that work with sharp precision and find time to work on items that make a difference in your organization.

Slack it Away

Integrate Orgzit with your company’s slack account to get lead status updates, conversations, and setup a process for anything else you like.

Orgzit Ecosystem

Covert Orgzit CRM leads into projects and experiences a fully integrated business management solution by opting to integrate with other Orgzit apps.

Onsite Deployment

Are you a data-driven community of users? Have security concerns? Host Orgzit on dedicated private cloud servers & enjoy complete privacy. Don’t trust the cloud enough? Call us and we will enter into an on premise deployment contract.

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We love when our customers succeed with Orgzit. We act as an extension to your team and help better organize information to make your lives simpler, streamlined & more productive.