HRMS — Scalable. Convenient. Accessible.

Maintain cloud-based, mobile, easy-to-use employee database

Want to get your hands on a ready-to-use employee database system? Orgzit will help you manage all HR administrative actions, such as on-boarding, updating employee information, and analyzing effectiveness of career development plans, from a singular platform. Customize self-service solutions for employees to update their personal information on a secure and streamlined employee database that’s accessible only to the HR department and individual employees.

Easy attendance management and tracking of time

Track employee attendance; quickly generate attendance reports for the entire company or a single employee. Collate and streamline attendance data taken from multiple devices. Use Orgzit’s fast, accurate and dependable attendance management system to plan shifts and schedules from a consolidated location.

Enjoy highly capable and all-inclusive leave tracking processes

Simplify leave workflows through a user-friendly smart platform where employees can view their current leave balances and past leave history, or request leave on their own. Assemble and record leave data for salary slips, create reports and analytics with the help of leave tracking data, and review and approve employee leave applications on the go.

Manage all your reimbursements – from data entry to repayment

Mobilize and eliminate paperwork to save time and reduce errors. Implement easy-to-use solutions wherein employees can file reimbursements on their own, and managers can gain access to better managed budgets. Access and use expense reports, reimbursement categories, payment modes, tracking of repayments, and more – even when on the go.

Manage performance reviews with easy to use, simple processes

Produce key insights by tracking entire performance review history for employees. Manage employee expectations and their performance, and use insights from the recorded data to assess the effectiveness of career development programs. Orgzit ensures that the performance appraisals and reviews of your organization are no longer unnecessary or a wastage of time. It helps in defining performance review objectives, records past performance appraisals, and helps in documenting the standards of appraisals from a well-accessible, amalgamated platform for employees to see.

Generate HRMS reports to communicate employee data and trends

Make your HR data a powerful visual tool. Generate customized HR reports according to organizational needs. Get your hands on any number of custom reports on the basis of employee attendance,employees by department, time tracking,performance ratings,leaves availed, trainings taken, etc. Communicate employee data and trends to the HR department in less cumbersome and seamless ways.

Implement travel desk solutions from one point

Move away from messy emails and communications pertaining to travel requests such as flight and hotel bookings. Monitor new and old travel bookings, and their related expenditure, via employee travel requisitions and approval workflows. Integrate a smart, user-centric travel desk module where employee's can make and track their travel requests without having to go around in circles.

Career development planning: Manage careers for consistent growth

Use actual historical data to create custom career development plans. Increase employee productivity and retention with tailor-made solutions. Integrate processes wherein managers’ can track, review and monitor career development plans from an integrated platform. Create filters to manage the careers of individual employees in terms of goal setting, skill development, career awareness, self-assessment, etc.

Manage and track training courses with easy-to-use processes

Track employee training and education programs from a singular, intuitive, user-friendly interface. Use the process to access information of employees who sign up for training. Create a single repository to store all training resources like slides, documents, references, etc. Assign, monitor and track all aspects of employee training. Track training, certifications, licenses, and qualifications with reporting options and custom filtering.

Streamline your internal helpdesk on Orgzit

Create internal helpdesks, such as IT helpdesks, for addressing the needs of your employees. Empower the helpdesk team to provide efficient and reliable services for better engagements with employees. Move away from messy emails for communicating about requests. Create FAQs to aid HRMS processes. Let your helpdesk team plan and schedule helpdesk tickets.Track the performance of your helpdesk team from a unified, single portal.

Empower your workforce with easy employee access

Help your employees engage with self-service solutions for updating personal details, attendance, time tracking, reimbursements, career development, and more. Reduce paperwork and clerical-type tasks for the benefit of administrators, HR departments, and employees. Increase transaction accuracy by eliminating manual errors and catching data entry errors in time.

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