Recruitment — Better Management of Job Openings, Processes, and Applicants

Manage openings, resumes, and applicant databases from a single platform

Avail a smart recruitment tracking system to curate information about your company’s job postings on various social platforms and recruitment sites; collate ‘good’ resumes from job applicants in a central database; help the HR team schedule interviews and populate calendars; and shortlist resumes and data for further analysis, screening, searchability, etc. Overall, Orgzit makes your hiring and recruiting processes simpler and less complicated.

Maintain candidate database for quick filtering and scoring

Centralize all information pertaining to your recruitment efforts in a well-structured database. Add job applicants from the candidate database to an opening in convenient ways. Update and manage a candidate database that you can search and filter without having to deal with complicated forms or interfaces. Add resume files to an applicant’s profile for current and future recruitment tracking, filtering and scoring purposes.

Assign responsibilities / tasks to your hiring team

Simplify and optimize your hiring processes from end to end. Assign responsibilities to the hiring team quickly, easily, and automatically. Use a centralized platform to assess how in-house recruiter teams are managing different stages of recruitment, interviewing candidates, etc. Create tasks for screening candidates or adding interview feedback. Collaborate with colleagues to seamlessly share feedback about specific candidates and make more informed team decisions.

Store all recruitment information in one place

From the job description to interview feedbacks and offer documents, store all recruitment specific information in a single process.Source, track, manage and hire candidates from one platform by saying ‘no’ to emails, notepads,files, and memory.Share evaluations,discuss candidates, manage resumes, post job openings, attach documents / notes, collaborate with colleagues, and make informed recruitment strategies – all from a centralized location.

Analyze the efficacy of your recruitment processes

Apply helpful measurements for assessing the success of your recruitment strategies.Track the time spent in recruitment processes. Find and curtail bottlenecks to hire more efficiently and quickly. Use smart filtering tools to cut down on unproductive tasks such as interviewing ill-fitting candidates. Gear up to target better openings and candidates with more cost effective and meaningful recruitment metrics.

Generate and customize all types of recruitment reports

Use Orgzit’s recruitment reports and analytics for refining your recruiting processes. Track the candidates who were hired over the last 1, 3 or 6 months. Access and analyze the source of qualified candidates, compensation trends in your postings, and the efforts expended for closing each perfect hire. Use your recruitment reports for making quicker and more efficient data-driven decisions with team members.

Filter candidates to find the perfect ones for job openings

Search candidate database and filter applicant information efficiently and quickly from your ever-expanding candidate pool. Filter and score job applicants on the basis of their CV/ resume content. Harness the powers of Orgzit’s efficient filtering and search tools to pinpoint important information that is relevant to your hiring processes.

Share notes and evaluations with your team

Collaborate on openings and applicants with others. Share detailed notes or questions with colleagues. Move all candidates across the different stages of recruitment in seamless and efficient ways, courtesy timely sharing of ideas. Make quick evaluations and notes that can be saved and retrieved electronically. Discuss who applied for what opening, for how long a position has been on the board, average costs per hire, etc. - all in real time.

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